Jennifer Snowdon

Hi! I'm Jennifer. I'm an Integrative Breathing Coach and Yoga Teacher working and living on the east coast of Canada with my husband, one of my three children, and our two cats. I spend my free time knitting, swinging my Gumdo sword, and baking bread. I look at breathing through a unique lens in my Breath Retraining Courses. Bringing together the traditions of yoga, the science of breath and body, and the understandings of the nervous system and trauma, I help people move, breathe, and live more present and connected lives. To get in touch, please send me an email.

Highly Recommended

Branches Yoga (formerly Queen Street Yoga)

If you are ready to unlearn most of what you think you know about breathing, and learn how to breathe better, we highly recommend Jennifer's webinars or in-real-life trainings.

Best Investment I've Made


Buteyko sessions with Jennifer was one of the best investments I've made in my health in a long time. Her expertise shines through in the clarity of her teaching, and her warmth and humour made for a great learning environment. I had been curious about Buteyko for several years, but there's no way I could have gained the understanding and results I did if I had just tried to read a book about it on my own. My anxious mind has quieted down more than I ever would have thought possible, I'm sleeping better, and now I understand how important functional breathing is to my long-term health. I'm doing all the sports I love at the same level or better, all while breathing through my nose. Sign up. You'll never look back!​

I Highly Recommend Breath Retraining

Faraneh Carnegie-Hargreaves, DC

Jennifer's thoughtful preparation of the course materials and supports for home practice and her excellent instruction made the process of retraining my breathing quite accessible and enjoyable. ​I have a chronic lung condition which is characterized by a chronic cough and difficulty breathing. Through the breathing exercises and education in this course, my symptoms decreased by more than 50%. I sleep better and have greater endurance. I also experience significantly less coughing fits, and am able recover much quicker when I do.

Podcast Interviews

Season 1, Episodes 13 and 14 of the podcast SISU Journey with Helena Lucia are an interview with me on the Science of Breath and how I build resilience in my own life