Join Jennifer for 11 weeks

Dive deep into your own pranayama practice, while learning how to teach better breathing in all aspects of your yoga classes.

This unique course is designed for yoga teachers who know the power of breathing. Breath impacts every cell in your body. Breathing practices alter your nervous system state. ​It is the bridge between body and mind, and breath is a metaphor for our lives, as well as our interactions with others and the world. Kevala pranayama (sometimes referred to as kevala kumbhaka) is the natural cessation of breathing. It's the place where, as the breath slows and rests, the mind finds stillness as well. By learning to create more functional breathing in your yoga practice (and in your life) that is deeply rooted in the science of breath, you can develop a pranayama practice that leads to experiencing kevala pranayama.

What you get from this course

  • Practice

    Develop your personal pranayama practice incorporating functional breathing elements, and connecting to your deeper self through the breath.

  • Learn

    Deepen your understanding of the bio-mechanics, bio-chemistry, and psychophysiology of breathing. Also consider breathing outside of the lens of functionality.

  • Integrate

    Incorporate the principles of the science and art of breathing into your yoga teaching with confidence. Earn 50 Yoga Alliance CE credits.

How you'll get it

  • 11 Live Group Calls (via Zoom)

  • 1 Private Session with Jennifer (via Zoom)

  • Weekly pre-recorded material (lectures, yoga classes, guided meditations)

  • Additional supplemental learning materials (articles, YouTube videos, podcasts)

  • Pranayama practice guide​

Find your kevala pranayama through:

  • Developing a personal pranayama practice

  • Learninging proper breathing mechanics

  • Understanding the chemistry of breathing

  • Connecting nervous system states, including trauma histories, with breathing patterns

  • Applying these principles to your asana classes

  • Learning to teach solid breathing principles in all aspects of yoga

  • Helping your students breathe better in their own practice

  • Connecting breath through thought and wisdom to bliss

Pricing options

Pay all at once or over three months.


  • Do I have to take the Breath Retraining Course first?

    No, you do not. However, if you have dysfunctional breathing or breathing pattern disorders, it would be helpful to sort that out first. You'll also learn a lot about breathing that will help you through this course.

  • Does this course allow me to teach Buteyko Breathing?

    Buteyko Level 2 Educators can teach Buteyko Breathing (like I do in my Breath Retraining Course) in a therapeutic way. This course material is not therapeutic in nature. The aim of this material is to help you learn how to integrate better breathing principals, grounded in Buteyko and otherwise, into all aspects of your yoga or movement practices and teaching. It is not necessary to have a Buteyko Level 1 designation to take the Buteyko Level 2 Educator Training if you choose to do so in future.

  • What is the weekly time commitment?

    Approximately 5 hours each week will be needed for this course. This will include a weekly 1-hour group call, daily pranayama practices, plus 1-2 hours of lecture videos and supplemental materials that you can dig into on your own schedule.