Join Jennifer on a 4 week journey into the breath.

October 20, 27, Nov 3 — Pre-recorded; Nov 10, 12pm ET — Live

This webinar series will not be the ‘fix’ for an individual’s specific breathing issues but will light up new insights to pull you forward into more personal and professional explorations. The first three weeks of this will be recorded materials that you can watch on your own schedule. There will be some suggestions of things that you can do between the weeks, so try to not wait until the end to watch it all. Make this an embodied learning experience. Week 4, Wednesday, November 10 at 12pm ET will be live via Zoom where you can ask questions and we can all chat about the implications of what you've learned. This will be recorded for those who cannot attend in person.

What you'll take away

  • Bio-Mechanics and Stress

    Gain a window into how stress impacts the mechanics of breathing, and how breathing patterns can initiate stress responses.

  • Neurobiology of Stress

    Look at models of stress, trauma, neurobiology, and see how they can influence breath and breathing patterns.

  • Bio-Chemistry of Breathing

    Get a primer on the gases of respiration, how breathing patterns can change our chemistry, and how this interacts with stress in the body.

  • Myths Busted

    Which breathing exercises have you been encouraged to give people? How might them help or harm people, and what might you do instead?